How to make a REMOTE CONTROL EGG | Jonathan's PLayhouse | Dinosaurs Trucks Cars Blippi Girl Doll 4K

Jonathan's PLayhouse

date 27 авг. 2019 г.
look 12
Learn how to make a Remote Control Egg. Jonathan loves opening eggs and he loves remote control toys too. So we put the two into one and made a remote control egg. We surprise Jonathan with it as we play and open other surprise eggs with Dinosaurs, A Blippi Girl toy ( Libby ), and a Blippi toy Blippi Plush doll. After all that we just hang out as a family and have fun. We tried the remote control egg with a big remote control monster truck and a mini car. The Big truck moved it very well. The little car did move it enough to know it was moving, but you definitely want to get the big one if you're going to try this with your kids. We got the 10\